Atlanta Hard Money Lenders
I am commonly asked how does a borrower go about selecting a Atlanta hard money lender? This can be a tricky task in today’s economy. There are many folks on the internet claiming to be a Atlanta hard money lender that are actually brokers or loan arrangers. The questions to ask are as follows:

1) Do you fund with your own capital? Fairview strictly lends its own money
2) Are you local? Fairview has an office in Atlanta and can be reached at 404.475.5869
3) Are there upfront fees? Fairview does not charge any upfront fees
4) Have there been complaints against the lender? Google the lenders name and see what comes up, look at various message boards, etc…
5) Does the lender actually fund loans? Talk with the lender and ask them about their recent fundings. It is also a good idea to physically meet the lender.
6) Can you talk with the decision makers? Fairview makes all decisions in house and performs its own property inspections. We live in Atlanta and understand Atlanta hard money and hard money transactions throughout Georgia
7) Does the deal sound too good to be true? Do you for example have a 580 credit and a lender offering you a 3% non-recourse loan?

Fairview Lending is a direct Atlanta hard money lender and Georgia hard money lender. There are no upfront fees or games. We strictly lend our own money and close loans quickly. More information on Atlanta hard money lenders can be found at , or for Colorado hard money and Denver hard money: or for more info on hard money lending: