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Fairview Commercial Lending is a local Atlanta lender focusing on private money loans and bridge loans on both investment single family homes and commercial properties throughout Atlanta and the State of Georgia.

Glen Weinberg is the managing partner in Georgia and is based out of Atlanta, Georgia. He has been published in the Colorado Real Estate Journal, The Mortgage Press, The Mortgage Professional Association, and many others. He is regarded as an expert on non-conventional lending (bridge lending, hard money, fast cash loans,  private money, etc…). He strives to not only meet borrowers unique requirements but also get their Denver hard money loan closed quickly.

When you apply for a private hard money real estate loan from Fairview you work directly with the principles with no loan committee or red tape. No waiting for some mysterious far off investor to make up his or her mind. After all we lend our own money and hold all of our own loans in our portfolio! There is no waiting; often Glen will be able to tell you right over the phone if he can do the loan or not. He is an expert in Georgia real estate averaging 40k + miles / year driving throughout Georgia to evaluate real estate. Give Glen a call to take the mystery out of private lending.

Private Money Means We Are Loaning Our Own Funds

Unlike many “private money” lenders that use investor funds or borrow bank funds, we have no outside requirements and all decisions are made in house by the partners at Fairview. We lend our own money and hold and service all of our own loans. We have been lending our own funds since 1975 with an A+ rating with the BBB and have more than enough capital on hand to quickly fund your transactions

Because we use our own funds to make private money loans, we have the flexibility to structure a loan in any manner required to best serve your needs (interest only, amortizing, etc…) and fit the requirements of the unique situation. We can structure loans as long as 10 years with no prepayment penalties.

Fast Loans

Borrowing from us is quick and easy. We don’t need any outside approval (there are no loan committees or other BS). We do not require an appraisal or any upfront fees to evaluate a loan (we look at each deal in house, visit the property and then fund the loan). Since we are lending our own money, we can close quickly (typically 5-10 days). Each loan is unique and we will provide honest answers quickly. We understand the real estate markets both in Atlanta and throughout Georgia and work hard to get your loan funded. All we need to get started is our quick one page application or feel free to call Glen Weinberg directly (303.625.9179) to discuss your hard money scenario.

Resources for Hard Money Borrowers and Brokers:

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