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Augusta Hard Money

Fairview Commercial Lending is a privately funded lender.  We lend our own funds and are not a bank.  We are able to on various properties throughout Georgia including residential (no primary residences), commercial, and rehab / renovation properties (fix and flip).  We also can lend on agricultural properties (ranches, recreational properties, etc..).

We are the experts in non-conventional / non bankable real estate secured loans throughout Georgia . These loans are often called “Hard money loans”, private money loans, investor loans, Bridge loans, secured loans, bad credit, working capital, non-prime loans, etc…

With an office in Atlanta we are the experts throughout Georgia .   Fairview is a direct lender managed by seasoned real estate professionals that have been lending our own funds on real estate since 1975.  This allows us to provide expertise and service that other lenders are unable to match:

Experience: Fairview’s management team has been involved in both commercial and residential real estate for over 40 years. Our team has extensive experience in the local banking, mortgage and real estate industries (sales, rehab, general contractor, etc..) throughout Georgia . No matter the complexities of your particular transaction, we have the likely experienced a similar scenario and can help with your situation. We have both the knowledge and expertise to structure a hard money loan that will enable you to move ahead with your project and get your loan closed. We have closed thousands of loans throughout the state of Georgia . See a list of where we have recently funded Georgia loans:

Locally owned and operated: Fairview is a local Georgia Hard Money Lender. We have an office in Atlanta, Georgia . All decisions in Georgia are made by our local partner (Glen Weinberg). No appraisals or upfront fees are required since we evaluate and fund all our loans in house. We have an A+ rating with the BBB

No Upfront fees: Many private lenders/hard money lenders require large fees prior to issuing a commitment (environmental, appraisal, etc..). At Fairview there are never any up-front fees. We provide honest answers quickly without any games and will let you know typically within 24 hours or less if we can assist on your transaction.

Flexibility: As a private lender, we make the final decision whether or not to fund a loan. We fund loans with our own money. There is no mystery in our loan process or loan committee (there is none); we will tell you quickly yes or no without charging for an appraisal or other fees. We consider each unique situation and we have the ability to structure our loans to suit each and every situation.

Speed: Being a privately funded company allows us to streamline our process and completely eliminate the chance of your loan not funding. There are no loan committees. We underwrite everything in house and have the ability to fund on projects that meet our criteria in as little as 5-10 days (sometimes sooner depending on the situation). We understand the various submarkets throughout Georgia and look forward to funding your next transaction.

Fairview is the leader in Georgia Hard Money Lending/ Bridge lending

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