Atlanta Hard Money/ Atlanta Private Lending loans up to 5 years

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Atlanta Hard Money / Atlanta Private Lending

Fairview Lending ( is an Atlanta hard money / Atlanta private lender. We can loan on both non owner single family homes (no rehab or loans on ARV) as well as commercial properties. Fairview is different than other private lenders in Atlanta. We are able to provide loans as long as 5 years as opposed to the typical three to 6 months of a traditional Atlanta Hard Money Lender. This longer loan term allows the borrower substantial flexibility since they are not boxed in to make brash decisions within six months. Please call Fairview at 404.475…5869 to discuss your scenario or visit:
Fairview is also different than other Atlanta hard money lenders since we strictly lend our own money. There are no upfront fees. We always provide honest answers quickly and close loans without the “drama” associated with other lenders. Fairview can close Hard money loans in Atlanta, Denver (, and Chicago (