Atlanta hard money: Recent closings

by | Nov 5, 2010 | Atlanta Hard Money, Atlanta hard money lenders, Atlanta residential hard money

Atlanta Hard Money: Recent closings

Fairview Lending ( has recently closed four transactions on Single Family homes in and around Atlanta. Below are just a few of our recent closings:

1. Sandy Springs, GA (30k): borrower purchasing investment property, had 50% to put down, borrower had no credit since paid everything in cash
2. Druid Hills, GA (120k): borrower owned property free and clear; rental property, borrower went through terrible divorce that significantly impaired credit
3. Dunwoody, GA (90k): Borrower lived out of state. Borrower was unable to obtain conventional financing due to credit. Borrower needed cash quick to take care of balloon payment.
4. Vinings, GA (45k): Borrower had free and clear rental property. Due to cash flow issues borrower had not paid taxes, needed cash quick to take care of back taxes and credit card bills
Fairview is different than other Atlanta hard money lenders. We can handle small deals and close them quickly. There are no upfront fees. We underwrite all the deals in Atlanta and only lend our own money. We are experts in the Atlanta market and can lend throughout the Atlanta metro area. There are no surprises since Fairview is a direct Atlanta hard money lender. Call us at 404.475..5869 to speak with a partner at Fairview to discuss your loan scenario today. Also visit: for more details on our programs